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Menú Golf Caldes


1.1 Any player who uses the facilities of the golf Caldes must know and apply the Rules of Golf obligatorily, the Rules of the Federation of Spanish and Catalan and the Rules of Golf label. Ignorance of them will not mean any mitigating factor.

1.2 The players will have to meet and respect the entries received from those who represent the governing bodies, and are responsible for enforcing the instructions emanating from them.

1.3 The latter rule applies especially in relation to "Marshall", "Starter", "Caddys" and responsible for the driving range, as well as members of the Sports Office and in charge of the reception departure time. All they act following the direct instructions of the Club.


2.1 At weekends and holidays.

For the allocation of hours, subscribers may make their reservations 48 hours in advance, customers and visitors will be able to do 24 hours in advance and always passing through the receipt of the club to pick up the "green fee."

Only may join in a departure time. Any change must be justified and announced in reception.

2.2 In Competition

The departure time was made in accordance with the Rules of Racing or on each case, as decided by the Competition Committee. Once published, are irremovable, so do not allow any change of time or the player.

In case of failure to appear without good cause or notice (48 hours before the start of the same), will proceed as follows:

-- You are charged registration automatically.
-- Do not be admitted to the player or players (if the competition was for couples) absent at the following race to the falling, either in individual tests or in pairs.
-- In case of a recurrence of any of them, both in individual competitions for couples, the number of tests in which they have not been allowed is three.
-- If a further offence, they were banned to practise in competitions, for a period of time determined by the Committee on Competition and will be less than one year.
-- All this without prejudice to the application of the Rules of Discipline Sports Club, where appropriate.



Every player must:

Reset 3.1 "chops" in streets and in the "tees"

3.2 raked the "bunkers" and then put the rake in an appropriate site.

3.3 arranger impacts ball in the "green".

3.4 Mark balls in the greens with appropriate markers or coins to mark the ball or avoiding rip the green with "tees" or other sharp objects.

3.5 Not deform the pit to remove or replace the flag. In doing so, it avoided taking the ball from the hole with the putter "

3.6 Failure to "swings" test booting "chops", especially "tees" and "streets".

3.7 Each player must bring their own set of clubs.

3.8 Not by practicing high (pitch) in the "greens" and "putting greens)


4.1 It will be necessary to take the card from the Federation (license) and an established Handicap.

4.2 At weekends and holidays matches involving four players should be given preference over those three and two on. A single player game is not, are prohibited parties over four players. Shall not be permitted departures of two players, "starter" attempt to merge them into groups of four players.

At 4.3 days of matches two players should be given preference over those three and four on. A single player does not match.

4.4 You must follow the order of the holes of the trail established and not play them in an arbitrary manner, bypassing holes or changing travel.

4.5 Players who have departure for 18 holes must especially respect the schedule of second round 2.

4.6 All players, both in competitions or outside them, must avoid the slow game. Attended at all times the instructions in this regard can give them the "Marshall", in order not to lose its position in this field may, if necessary, carry out checks on time it deems appropriate and will have authority to regulate gambling at their discretion.

In any case:

-- Must give way when you are looking for the ball and following this group waiting to give his coup.
-- Likewise we must give way when it has lost one or more holes over the preceding match.
-- When there is saturation of players in the field, applying the rule of courtesy in the pairs 3.
-- Do not repeat strokes, or give blows practice in the field, especially while there is some player or game behind in the same pit.

4.7 The players must work together to ensure that the maintenance of the countryside, are perfectly clean. Therefore, it is used in paper entitled "tees" not leave any object outside them, such as beverage cans, papers,..

4.8 Players should avoid all types and attitudes, gestures, words or tone of voice is not consistent with the rules of tag that involves the practice of this sport.

4.9 The players, both in competition and elsewhere, must necessarily follow the instructions provided by the Club for the suspension, temporary or final game, and evacuation of the field, where scattered thunderstorms and lightning danger.


5.1 The players will have to follow the directions for the passage of cars and carts and must travel on established roads, respecting, in any case, the areas marked with ropes or posters indicators step.

5.2 The streets should be crossed perpendicularly, applied the rule of verticality (90grados)

5.3 The cars must be occupied by two people at most and can not be driven by persons below 16 years.

5.4 The groups used car that had no preference over other groups.

5.5 It is strictly forbidden to maneuver cars in the "tees" output and less than 10 metres from the "antegreenes."

5.6 In the view of the "starter" or "greenkepper", the cars may not leave the field when, due to weather conditions, this ice cream or with excess water.



Players will use proper clothing golf classic, remaining proscribed items not appropriate, such as mesh, chándals, swimsuits, T-shirts or similar, shorts, jeans, etc..

As for the shoes, the shoes should be appropriate to play golf, as a general rule should be shoes without metal nails except when to assist in the better maintenance of the field established by the Competition Committee.

The offence will be remembered at the reception and, where appropriate, warned by the "starter" and sanctioned, as established by rule 9 of this Code.



It is recommended smoking exclusively in the "tees" exit, avoiding throwing butts in the countryside, using for this purpose containers located in the "tees" output.

It is completely banned smoking in forested areas of the countryside.


8.1 The players will have to respond to indications of staff in charge of field practice, in order to make better use of facilities and avoid unnecessary problems.

8.2 The balls practices should always play from inside the area delimited for that purpose and direction flags or signs away.

8.3 The respect the schedule of opening and closing, established by the Club.

8.4 These rules must be respected equally in classes with these professionals and the will to assume that during such conditions are met.

8.5 In the areas of "aproach" it was forbidden to play with balls and practices must be complied with the limits marked.

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